Kawaiicon is like taking Kiwicon and adding more color and less fire, kind of. Kawaiicon is one of the myriad technical computer security conferences in the Australia-Pacific region, and certainly the most adorable.

Organised by the masochistic Kiwicon crüe, Kawaiicon attempts to bring together everyone in the infosec industry: The suits, spooks, hobbyists, researchers, consultants, engineers, analysts, testers, and management.

We also attempt to invite in others that hover around the edges into that chaotic melting pot: the lawyers, policy nerds, developers, auditors, communications people, and co. Whether they like it or not they are part of this band of misfits.

Kawaiicon aims to have speakers from as many of these groups as we can, and have talks ranging from the deep blue sea of technical to the shallow end of the pool of interesting infosec niches.

Kawaiicon has not learned anything from the past, and will aim to fill up the Michael Fowler Centre with 2100 people again, with 50 or so amazeballs speakers, volunteers, and crue.

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Kawaiicon is brought to you by The Kiwicon Crue, our heckin’ great volunteers, everyone else we elbowed into helping, and fat sponsors cash.

Code of Conduct

We have a code of conduct. We enforce our code of conduct. But not with robots. Yet.