During the Con’

Thursday 1pm - 7pm, Friday 1pm - 4pm
The Michael Fowler Centre - Renouf Foyer (Level 1)

We have two, count ‘em TWO, events going on during the con’. Both will be held in the Renouf Foyer (Level 1) in The Michael Fowler Centre. Give them a crack!

Hack And Learn

Opening the doors to questionable moral choices, Hack And Learn aims to provide continued job security for Blue Teams by teaching the future generations of cyber criminals Red Teams. HAL is a Purple Team walkthrough of attack and defense scenarios in a CTF environment. Bring your hacktop or just observe, follow along with the attack demonstrations and catch yourself in the logs. This is being run by the HAL folks from AKL.


Box³ is a hacking competition open to all con attendees. The competition will run over the duration of the conference and consists of a series of real-world security challenges to mimic a red-team engagement. Participants need to bypass various physical and digital security controls to advance through each level. You may enter on your own or pair up with a friend.

Laptops and lock picks will be required and are not provided, please come prepared or make a new friend at the lock picking village. Any questions, yell into the Twitter void at @dunderhay.