So we’ve been trying to pull something together to help educate our kids in the ‘hacker’ mindset for a while now. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to bring our kids to Kiwicon?”

No, seriously, we did think that it would be cool, but then realised we’d have to keep them away from the flames and the rest of the pyro. So we never really got around to it.

Thankfully, someone more responsible stepped in. So thanks to @kiwisarentfruit AKA Andrew, we’re trying this out.

We’re planning a kids drop-in area held on the Friday at Kawaiicon with a variety of activities at kid-friendly levels.

Age range is pretty open, if you think your kid is interested then bring them along. You (the parent / guardian) would need to be present while your child is there, and you’ll need a Kawaiicon ticket and your child needs a Kuracon ticket.

Activities would include basic lockpicking (cuffs, progressive locks) coding, technology deconstruction, electronics, potentially a basic kids CTF, you get the idea.

It will be a fun and safe space for the hackers of tomorrow to try some things out and give it a go.

We expect that kids will attend on the Friday with an adult, there will be a small fee involved just to help cover costs, and probably kids tshirts.

More details coming soon. If you’re interested, tick the box when you purchase your ticket. Any questions, contact us.


We trialed offering childcare during Kiwicon X and it worked well, so we’ll do that again. If you have young children that need childcare then tick that box on the ticket form and we’ll be in touch. We will have this on Thursday and Friday at Kawaiicon. Again, any questions, contact us.