Kawaiicon is bred from the blood, sweat, tears, and glitter of the crue and volunteers. And when that form of currency is not accepted by our vendors, we turn to our amazeballs sponsors. They have generously endowed us with enough cash so you don’t have to.

If you are keen as a bean to throw us some of that sweet, sweet cash - send us an email and we can send you our super professional sponsorship pack.

Lesser short-tailed bat

The ultimate sponsor level! The lesser short-tailed bat sponsorship helps us pay for the big things - like the venue, our lighting and sound rig, and most importantly our sparkle pyro.

Water deer

The adorable-yet-mighty water deer sponsorship goes towards design and merch funding. We hire local NZ designers to help us with the conference theme and website, to make sure it gives us that ‘infosec yet cute’ feel.

Dwarf flying squirrel

The dwarf flying squirrel sponsorship help us pay for events (like the Girl Geek Dinner) and helps us keep our ticket prices cheap as chips.

Chevron Skink

Sponsors in this category help to pay for prizes and gifts, craft crue supplies, green room goodies, and more!

Tubular Engineering

Our most honourable (and very understanding) hosting provider, who has managed our disorganised array of servers since the beginning.