Offline access

Why hello there curious cats! In case you don’t trust the data beams around you at a security con, we’ve enabled a nifty way to save a copy of this website to your device:

On your mobile device

Look for the Add to home screen button in your browser of choice.

In iOS, you can find it under the share menu. It looks like this:

On your desktop browser

In Chrome, you can “install” this website as a Chrome App to access it offline. You’ll either see a button appear in the URL bar, like so:

Or you can select “Install Kawaiicon” under the overflow menu.

But what about my sercurities????

How can I trust you?? I hear you ask. A single sparkle tear falls down my cheek as we lock eyes through the rain. Tough, but fair.

The “add to home screen” / “install app” mechanism is done with a nifty lil thing called Progressive Web Apps. These “apps” are just websites, running inside all the usual nice sandboxing that your browser has, except without the browser chrome.

The reasoning goes: if you trust us enough to visit this website, then you can (theoretically) trust us enough to save the Progressive Web App. Or, if you prefer, you can save a PDF copy of the schedule here, or save your own version for reference on con day.