The call is coming from inside the house - what data do you need?

by Michelle Burke | Friday, 12:00pm - 12:15pm

Our lives are lived increasingly inside the tubes of the internet and our data is flowing freely through it. Some of us have better opsec than others (and our families are probably terrible and don’t even understand what opsec means), but how we build the applications that we use for interacting often collect more than they need to. Are you actually doing the right thing or making the world a little bit worse?

About Michelle Burke

Michelle has been working in data longer than she’d care to admit. Her current favourite dataset is her Untappd check-ins (if you’re going to invest that much in craft beer, you should get something out of it, right?)

She’s worked for tiny companies and large multinationals and everything in between. She is passionate about data quality, data security, appropriate uses of information, solving business problems, and building welcoming and diverse teams.