First do no harm: getting security news stories on the road to recovery

by Izzi | Friday, 10:30am - 11:00am

Security news is everywhere right now. You can’t go a day without seeing a story about hacking, or cryptocurrency, or the apparent death of passwords (again).

These stories bring ideas and concerns the security community have had for years out of the shadows, and into the conscience of your barista, your receptionist and your Uber driver. But something’s getting lost in translation and the signal to noise ratio in lots of security stories can do more harm than good.

Let’s do some dissection and get into the anatomy of those security news stories. What leads to security stories getting written in the first place? And how can we can make news stories better (without having to get in front of a camera)?

About Izzi

Izzi’s got a knack for making complicated things easy for people to understand. For the past couple of years she’s been doing that at CERT NZ – helping everyday Kiwis get on board the Good Ship InfoSec. She brings her own brand of technical know-how to the CERT NZ team, with over a decade of experience as a public relations specialist.