Endpoint Protection - Don't Believe Everything You Read

by Lidia Giuliano | Thursday, 11:00am - 11:30am

Before you go out and buy an expensive endpoint product, do you actually know even why you are looking? Do you have visibility into your network and a good understanding of what needs protecting? Many companies feel that they must invest in an endpoint protection without understanding their threats.

This presentation will walk through the struggles of how to test different solutions, bypass techniques, and identify key considerations that your teams should plan for when building your business case. Testing for malware is important, but it should not be your only criteria. It is critical to know how these products work with legacy systems, ease of installation, UI, other controls and to have a sense where you are in your security maturity.

About Lidia Giuliano

With over 15 years’ experience in the Defence, Financial Services and Telecommunications, Lidia Giuliano has an extensive background in security testing, vulnerability management and prevention and detection techniques. She is the conference founder and organiser for BSides Melbourne, spends a lot of her time mentoring others and is passionate about growing the information security community.