The mechanics of being good to each other

by Courtney Eckhardt | Thursday, 11:30am - 12:00pm

Seattle has two of the longest floating bridges in the world, and in 1990, one of them sank while it was being repurposed. This accident was a classic complex systems failure with a massive PR problem and great documentation. That combination is an excellent frame for talking about incident retrospectives- the good, the bad, the vaguely confusing and unsatisfying, the straight-up horror stories. Come for the interesting disaster story, stay to learn how to find the facts you only find if you know how to be good to people.

About Courtney Eckhardt

Courtney comes from a background in customer support and internet anti-abuse policy. She combines this human-focused experience with the principle of Conway’s Law and the work Suzette Haden Elgin, Kathy Sierra, and Don Norman into a wide-reaching and humane concept of incident response. You can find her knitting in the audience of conference talks, and she’s always interested in cat pictures.