(Not) hacking your biology

by Sophia Frentz | Thursday, 3:45pm - 4:15pm

Medical science and biology is getting really good at sequencing genomes, keeping your information on digital platforms, and convincing you that everything we (they) do is definitely secure and safe from an infosec perspective. The problem is that this isn’t quite true. From eHealth record leaks to de-anonymising genetic records to the level of last name and home town, the facts and figures of your flesh body can be hacked, leaked, and discovered, without anyone ever touching you. How did this happen? What’s being done to fix it? And does this mean we should run to the woods and never see a doctor again? (It doesn’t, please have regular checkups with your GP) - Answers to the first two are in this talk’s tight 30.

About Sophia Frentz

Sophia is a non-binary enfant terrible who once wrote a piece about how genomics and big data and privacy are all kind of a mess and now I can’t stop thinking and reading about it. They have a PhD in clinical genetics and now work as a technology consultant at Deloitte.