Securing people that don't look like you... yet

by Laura Bell (@lady_nerd) | Thursday, 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Securing the end user is hard. We know this. We built things and processes. We found the way. People who look and act like us know what to do. They will be fine. (>.<)

But what about everyone else.

Our society is aging… rapidly.

The old and rocking are the booming demographic. They are the generation with the highest adoption of technologies, the most reliant on it for social contact and the most likely to need help.

Over the last 2 years, Laura has been on a life adventure of her own. Featuring old people, young people, rural adventures and a lot of cups of tea, she has been developing the SAGE framework to help us plan the technical defenses and approaches we need to build security controls for those growing old (dis)gracefully.

Come along and learn about this open framework, how you can use it and what it means for software systems security, UX and usability design and accessibility.

About Laura Bell (@lady_nerd)

Security cat herder rapidly embracing the nature silver sparkles that come with not being young and hip anymore. Done a few things here and there - mostly including feelings and opinions. Previous conference speaker, recovering author and mom.